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Occupy Wall Street

For more major global protests check out the PGA's Actions against Globalization.

The war against terrorism threatens to be an unending war yet we see little progress in addressing the actual causes of terrorism, violence, and war. Join protests to stop the endless war. We must stop this war and start addressing the real causes of terrorism.

"An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind." - Gandhi

Do you wish you had time to write more letters protesting injustice?

Check out the Progressive Secretary, they'll write and send letters based on which issues you're conserned about. They're really cool, I've been using them for a while and am really impressed with both the quality of the letters and politics behind them.

Protest.Net is a site to help progressive activists by providing a central place where the times and locations of protests and meetings can be posted. I can't possibly keep up with all the actions, so if you find about a protest or meeting, please post that information.

Feel free to email us, if you have any questions or comments. Don't email us your 3 meg mp3 of your anti-war song or subscribe this address to your annoucement list. I get over 500 emails a day.

  Protest.Net doesn't necessarily support or endorse any of the events or cause listed on it's calendars.