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Please consider supporting Acording to the New York Times we "could bring new volume to civil disobedience in the future." After looking at the site The Economist said "Perhaps someone should tell the police." We need your help to continue to take advantage of the radical democratic possiblites of the internet to fuel movements for social change.

We need help adding events to the calendar working with groups to create their own calendars and money to keep the servers up. We don't run ads because the influence of corporate advertisers in the media. Most foundations are not interested in funding us because they think our activities are 'too political' or 'too radical.' So far all of the funding for the project has come out of pocket from collective members. We would like to continue making a valuable tool for finding out about upcoming actions around the world as well as extending it through our work with The Independent Media Centers, Direct Action Media Network, Z Magazine, and others to provide complete coverage of and for radical social change movements around the world.

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